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What is Animationlancer

Animationlancer is an online animation service that has been created by animation artists for animation artists.

We believe that animated content creation is the future of digital marketing and people have changed the way they want to view their content.

Now more than ever, viewers are expecting to be entertained and informed. Content is required to be undeniably engaging, as well as teach or tell a story to the viewer. This is great news for freelance animation artists and graphic designers as the need for online animations services is increasing!

On our platform, these Internet Marketing Service Providers will be known as Animationlancers. Freelancers who are dedicated to producing a high-quality online animation service which Buyers will love.

Why the Marketplace was Setup

Freelancing platforms around the world have become saturated by millions of users who are all competing relentlessly for positions. Animationlancer seeks to bridge the gap between those who wish to find animation services of high-quality animation production and those Freelancers who can provide it.  

Online animation services are not hard to find, but there is more to be said about the level of quality at which they are provided.

Animationlancer aims to provide freelance animation and freelance graphic design that is quality controlled. To acquire professional online animation service providers who are rewarded fairly by Buyers.

Why is Animationlancer Different?

Internet marketing service providers have begun to realise the change in the advertising market space and seek to make the necessary changes to their product offerings to stay relevant in the changing marketplace.

This is where Animationlancer comes in. Smaller media agencies and those individuals who offer internet marketing services are not in a position to hire full-time animation artists. Animationlancer provides the opportunity for these entities to purchase freelance animation services without the overhead and at an affordable price. The reason this is possible is because of the policies put in place by Animationlancer who acts as the third party broker for the conversation between Buyers and Sellers.

For those who provide online animation services, acquiring work is no easy task. When it comes to advertising your business as an online animation service provider, there is a lot to be said about the level of credibility. The same can be said about those who wish to find animation services. More often than not, professional Sellers are missing out on freelance animation and freelance graphic design opportunities because of this. Animationlancer answers this injustice by creating a space which both Buyers and Sellers need to conduct business in a safe environment, which is not saturated by underwhelming service providers.

Our Aim

We aim is to acquire freelance animation artists and freelance graphic designers of the highest quality by adapting a vetting system from the inception of our Sellers.

This is not to make the jobs of our Sellers harder unnecessarily, but to ensure that their skills and abilities match the level which they promise.

In addition to vetting, Sellers are ranked on merit within the Animationlancer platform. The more a service is provided, the better-ranked the freelance animation artists or a freelance graphic designer will rank to the buyers. Providing exceptional services and gaining rank will also provide Sellers with benefits which may only be attained by merit accrued.

Top Animationalncers will be awarded to those Sellers who have performed outstandingly in their niche.

What We Offer

Animtionlancer will provide a safe space for freelance animation artists and freelance graphic design artists the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a paying audience.

Our system is fair to all of our patrons with safety measures in place that secures Animationlancers funds before services are rendered. This ensures that fraudulent Buyers cannot scam reliable Sellers out of their well-earned remuneration. This safety extends to the Buyers in the same regards and ensures that Animationlancers are unable to relieve Buyers of payment without delivering the promised services.

This creates a safe and secure environment for both Buyers and Sellers alike to conduct fair business trades. Buyers and Sellers will be advised to communicate any disputes privately. However, should the need arise for third party intervention, the Animationlancers Conflict Resolution Centre will handle all escalated disputes and establish a fair verdict.

Why choose Animationlancer?

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, there is no better place to receive your online animation services than Animationlancer.

One of the most attractive features apart from our extraordinary group of freelance animation artists and freelance graphic designers is our affordable pricing.

Animationlancer refuses to overcharge Buyers and Sellers by cutting into Seller profits and forcing Buyers into exorbitant fees. Instead, we offer a flat rate and percentage pricing system which is applicable per job. Great news for Buyers and Sellers who are only required to pay for the services they use.

How Animationlancer Works


Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, you will be required to sign-up to Animationlancer using your main email address. This must be an email which you have access to all the time as it is imperative that you can receive notification information from Animationlancer.


As a Buyer, you will be able to search Animationlancer’s various jobs which have been created by Sellers(Animationlancers).

Each job will be accompanied by descriptive images and videos which will show you what to expect when you order these services from Animationlancers. Looking for something specific? That’s not a problem! Animationlancer provides you with the ability to direct message Sellers who will create custom jobs specially tailored to your needs. 


As a buyer, be sure to direct message your Sellers for further information should you require it. It is important to be sure of your expectations and the Sellers capabilities before tackling each job.


Ordering a service from a Seller will debit the Buyers account and hold onto the funds for transfer. From here you will be able to engage with the Seller via the order page, discuss the project and receive the promised works from the Seller.


Receiving work from Sellers is easy! Animationlancer has a built-in file sharing system which allows you to download your files directly from the order page.

This system keeps track of the work and ensures that Sellers deliver on their promises. Once Sellers have marked the jobs as complete, and the Buyers and agreed on the upon the completed work (no revisions pending). The funds owed to the Seller will be paid in full. OR Remunerated back into the Buyers account, if the Seller has failed to deliver on the promised service.

Thank you for checking out Animationlancer, we look forward to having you onboard!

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